Log Stairways

For our rustic log stairs we use the best in CAD and CNC machining to create a beautiful log staircase. Whether you want a full log stairway, a mortise and tenon half-log stairs, or a timber style staircase, we guarantee your rustic log staircase will meet your specs, saving you and your builder imstallation time. Using the dimensions you provide, we create a 3D CAD drawing of the log stairs showing overall and individual rise and run, gap size between tread, and size the stringer at the landing and header. Once the dimensions are finalized for your rustic log stairway, our CNC machines cut the stringers exactly as the are shown in the CAD drawings. You can choose from multiple styles of log staircases; Coped log stairs, half-log mortise and tenon, timber mortise and tenon, or a conventional style timber stairway.

Our coped log design creates the illusion of the treads floating upon the stringers. Both the stringers and the tread are coped, or notched to fit togeather one upon the other. We create a machined surface on both parts of the stairs, which eliminates the need for on-site shimming or trimming. This new process greatly increases the strength of the stairway compared to the "old" method. Having a machined surface on both the stringer and tread shrinks the amount of material removed from the stringer, eliminating stringer deflection or the need for a center support. With both surfaces machined, the tread fit on the stringers level and the individual rise and run measurements are consistent from the top of the stairs to the bottom. This enables the average DIYer to install their stairs in a day with a helper or two. We include a 3 minute instructional DVD with every staircase we ship that gives helpful pointers and tips to ensure an efficient installation.

Our mortise and tenon design has the look of a more traditional stairway with the treads attached to the inside of the stringer instead of floating on top. With our CNC machining both the mortise in the stringers and the tenons on the tread, you can be assured that the placement of each tread is exact and the installation of the stairs expeditious. Each tread has 2" of tenon in each stringer that ensures a robust construction, and a clean, finished appearance. The timber stairway creates a more refined look with radiused corners and all surfaces planed smooth.

Information and Specs.

The stairways are machined using hand hewned, kiln dried white pine
Orders are manufactured and shipped in approximately two weeks from order date.
All flat sawn surfaces are planed smooth.
Half log treads are approximately 5 1/2" thick by 12" wide and can be up to 24' long.
Full log stringers are approximately 10 1/2" in diameter.
Timber stringer material finishes at 3 3/4" by 11 1/2".
Timber tread material finishes at 3 1/2" by 11".
Stringer ends are angle cut to fit the header and floor.
Birds mouth cut available (stringers cut to fit over landing or floor edge Click here to see an example
The stairways are shipped disassembled (knocked down) and palletized.
All quotes include shipping costs

Dual Cope Log Stairway™

Patent #7,900,403

Dual Cope Design

Un-finished dual cope stairway
with our cedar log railings.

Dual Cope Log Stairway

Finished dual cope stairway
with our cedar log railing

Close up of log tread

Close up view of coped tread.

Close up of log stringer

Close up view of coped stringer.

Mortise and Tenon Design

Mortise and Tenon Log Stairway

Where there is a stairway against a wall, we can plane (flatten) the outside of that stringer to allow for a flat fit on the wall. This allows for a wider tread in most cases and also leaves a portion of the round on top of the stringer. other companies use a square stringer for this application with no round on top.

Mortise and Tenon Log Stairway

Each tread has a 2" x 6" tenon on each end. The stringers are mortised to accept the tread. This mortise and tenon design ensures structural integrity and ease of assembly. We also counter bore the stringer with a 1" diameter whole to accept the 3/8" x 8" long lag screw and finish plug. All lag bolts and plugs are supplied. A complete stairway as described above is also available with square edge stock. The stringers are 3 3/4" x 11 1/2" and the treads are 3 1/2" x 11".