Cedar Log Railing Ordering Guide

This page describes the information you need to gather before ordering your posts and cedar log railings system. The first part of the page describes the various posts and railings, while the second part shows you how to lay out and design your project. If you are also ordering log stair railing, you will need to use the guides shown at the bottom of the page. Just below you will find pdf's that you can print, and fill out.

Stair Rail Ordering Guide PDF

Railing Ordering Guide PDF

Laying Out Your Project

The Armstrong Creek Company will provide the service of designing your railings from your drawing and measurements provided by you free of charge. It is not necessary for the drawing to be to scale. However, it must be clear and neat. For your free railing system quote, simply follow the steps below, referring to the diagram:

Porch and Deck Example Drawing

Your log deck railings will arrive by common carrier to your curbside. They leave our shop pre-assembled, banded, palletized, and shrink wrapped. You will receive instructions and a diagram similar to the one below to assist in your installation. Each post is number, and each railing section letter. This makes it so any DIYer will be able to install the railing system with ease.

Example Layout Drawing

Log Stair Railings Guide

Below you will find our stair railling installation sheets. There are printable versions at the top of the page. Stair rails with a diagonal rail length of less that 8' require to intermediate posts. Anything longer than 8' will require an intermediate post.

Stair Railing Order Sheet

This is a close up diagram of the measurements we need to manufacture your stair railing.

Rise and Run measurement diagram

Example with landing from a bird's eye view

Stair Railing Order Sheet