This project features a custom mortise & tenon log stairway

Timber frame homes are a great way to combine modern building techniques with the warm feel of a log home. A timber stairway can give the home a large open feel. This stairway was custom designed for the home owner. It's hybrid style combines the rustic look of half log treads with a timber style stringer. To give it an even more unique look, we used a pegged tenon to hold everything together. The peg inserted into the tenon is tapered. As the wood dries over time, the lumber will shrink slightly. The taper on the peg can be tapped back in to tighten up the joint. This type of joinery has been used for thousands of years in applications from furniture to timber framing.

Mortise & Tenon Log and Timber Stairway Log railing with custom inserts Log railing with custom inserts Log stair railing going to lake Log railing view from lake Custom built log ladder

Current Feature

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