This project features our cedar log railing and dual coped half log stairway.

This serene lake lot originally housed a one story ranch style cottage with a walk out basement. Purchased by it's owners to be a place where family could gather for many years to come, they had to make some decisions when it came to being able to make that happen. With some major water damage in the lower level, a complete renovation of the home was initially considered until they started discussing their options with Strongwood. Their solution turned out to be a three story, 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 4,063 square foot stacked style dream home to accommodate the steep slope of the lot. The process of building on this lot was not easy and required multiple revisions due to the challenges, but the result was a solid and studious home with incredible views and spacious living that can be enjoyed by many generations. The home was built by Strongwood Log Homes. The customer saw our log railing and log stairs in their model home and chose to accent their beautiful home with our log railings and log stairs. Below you'll find a photo gallery of the railings and stairways.

Log stairway and log railing view from kitchen Log railing view from loft Log railings around stair opening Log stair railing view from top of stairs Loft log railing view from main floor Log railing view from deck Log railing view from deck Log railing view from back door Log railing view from ground Log stair railing on the deck Log railing on the deck

Current Feature

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