Cedar Log Railing

The Armstrong Creek Company uses only top quality, long lasting, northern white cedar log rails which is the only choice for your exterior log railing system. When our railing system is used in your interior, it will stain to match your pine trim, stairways, etc. Your cedar log rails will last the life of your home.

Bends and checks are all part of nature and are not flaws but individual characteristics of each log. This will add to the rustic beauty of your railing system.

You can easily install it yourself because The Armstrong Creek Company will do the detailed work for you, and provide instructions and diagrams to guide you through the installation process.

We custom fit the railings to your specifications. We've come up with a number of solutions to common problems. Below is a great example. In order to meet building codes, we designed a log rail that could cover both the stairs and the opening underneath to the basement. The end result is a unique look you won't find anywhere else.

Custom Designed Log Stair Railing

Log Railing Styles

Traditional Log Railing Elevation:

Traditional Style Log Railing
Residential - 36" Height
Commercial - 42" Height

Classic Log Railing Elevation:

Classic Style Log Railing
Residential - 36" Height
Commercial - 42" Height

Economy Log Railing

Economy Style Log Railing
This system is available with 2 or
3 horizontal rails and
is used for low elevation decks or
decorative fencing.

Railing Dimensions

Standard Top and bottom rails are 4" nominal diameter.
Standard spindles are 3" nominal diameter.
Choose between tenoned ends or square cut ends.
Sections ship assembled and ready to install.
Custom sizes are available. Call for details
All railing sections come pre-assebled as shown below

Assembled Log Railing Section

Log Post Dimensions

Standard posts are 5 1/2" nominal diameter. Larger diameters available. Posts are available notched or un-notched
Notched Post
48" post, beveled top
Un-notched or Notched
Un-notched Post
54" post, beveled top
Un-notched or Notched
Support Post
96" Support Post
Un-notched or Notched